Which is best, left or right turns?

To be more efficient, fleet courier companies often search for ways to save delivery time, fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

Many companies have conducted tests to see what operating methods work to create efficiency and cost savings. This research includes factors such as the fuel grade, type of vehicle, load weight, making only right turns, time of deliveries, and other factors.

The research has proven that delivery companies who schedule their routes to make right turns only, actually save fuel by idling less and not sitting at traffic lights waiting to turn left. Left turns take more time even if there is an advance flashing green light.

Companies use computer software to optimize vehicle routes.

There is a cost associated with these changes as the company needs to purchase a software tool that can design the route with only right turns. The benefit for companies can have a huge financial impact.

But what about everyday drivers? How can you make this work for you?

Left-hand turns are harder to negotiate for many drivers. Many collisions occur when drivers are making left-hand turns. When a driver is planning their errands, think of your route and visually map it being right-hand turns only. This may not always be possible, but this will mitigate your risk and you will save time and fuel by sitting at fewer lights and waiting in traffic.

Studies have proven that making only right-hand turns saves fuel and with the rising costs of everyday items, a little savings can put money in your pocket.