Overdriving Your Headlights

Many people don’t understand what the term ‘overdriving your headlights’ means. Our goal is to help you understand that term. As our daylight hours are getting shorter by the day (December 21st is the shortest day with only 8 hours, 55 minutes, and 44 seconds of daylight) vs. (June 21st, longest daylight hours, 15 hours, 26 minutes, 33 seconds of daylight), … Read More

Daylight Saving Tips

As daylight saving time ends, our evening rush hour will be darker. Drivers will be driving more in the dark and as a result, the rate of pedestrian accidents increases. It is important to make sure you concentrate on the driving task and keep scanning for pedestrians as they are harder to see in the dark. As drivers, we need … Read More

Tips on making fleet drivers safe

*** sample text CPD’s risk management model is based on building a detailed understanding 
of the various risks facing your drivers. Understanding the risks is critical to be able to effectively address them.