Crosswalk vs. Crossovers – Know the difference

Understanding the distinction between pedestrian crosswalks and pedestrian crossovers is crucial for safe and responsible driving. Let’s break it down:

Pedestrian Crosswalk:

A pedestrian crosswalk is an integral part of an intersection equipped with traffic controls. Look out for pedestrian signals (walk, don’t walk) and those distinctive zebra stripe pavement markings. Drivers can proceed only when their half of the roadway is clear of pedestrians.

Pedestrian Crossover:

A pedestrian crossover, on the other hand, is often found in the middle of a block or at an uncontrolled intersection. Look for Zebra stripe pavement markings, an X painted on the pavement, and pedestrian activation buttons. When the button is pressed, the overhead alternating amber lights are activated. Drivers can proceed only when the pedestrian is completely off the roadway.

Remember, failing to yield to pedestrians at crossovers, crosswalks, or school crossings can lead to fines and/or demerit points on your record. In areas like school zones, busy streets, transit stops, parks, and residential neighbourhoods, always be on the lookout for pedestrians who might make sudden or unexpected moves. Stay alert, exercise extra caution, drive responsibly, and be prepared for any encounters with pedestrians. Let’s prioritize safety and ensure our roads are welcoming and secure for everyone.