Co-operative Driving & Road Users

Being a co-operative driver means more than just obeying traffic rules; it means actively looking out for ALL road users. Whether they’re cyclists, pedestrians, children, or anyone else sharing the road, here are some vital tips to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Continuous Scanning: Be aware of what’s happening in front, to the sides, and behind your vehicle.
  • Never Fixate: Avoid fixating on any one object for more than two seconds, including rear-view checks.
  • Intersection Awareness: Before entering thoroughly scan the intersection left, centre, right, and left again.
  • Blind Spot Check: Always perform a blind spot check before changing lanes or making lateral moves.
  • Residential Areas: Keep an eye out for children playing, animals, and potential hazards.
  • School Zones: In school zones, strictly obey the speed limit. Keep your foot hovering over the brake pedal to react quickly if needed.

Let’s all play our part in creating safer roadways by being vigilant, considerate, and proactive drivers. Your awareness can make a significant difference in keeping our roads safe for everyone.