Space Management

An important part of co-operative driving is effective space management. This means always being aware of your vehicle’s surroundings and knowing where other road users are in relation to your vehicle. This will help you make good and safe decisions while driving.

There are five key areas around your vehicle that you should be in control of.

  1. Front of the vehicle – you should be anticipating what is happening ahead.
  2. Front corners of the vehicle – seeing what vehicles could be moving into your lane.
  3. Right and left sides of the vehicle – blind spot areas.
  4. Rear corners of the vehicle – seeing what vehicles could be looking for space in your lane.
  5. Behind the vehicle – you should be seeing what is approaching from the rear.

If you are fully aware of these areas, then you will not be surprised by the actions of another driver.

Your mirrors are helpful in managing space around your vehicle. You should be scanning mirrors every 5-8 seconds, checking blind spots, and scanning from house to house or field to field.

Managing your speed, the position of your vehicle on the road and communication with other drivers are all key items for space management. If you can manage your space, it will help lessen the stress of driving in traffic.