Other Road Users

As the spring weather arrives, there will be additional road users on our roads including cyclists, motorcycles, roller bladers, children, people riding scooters, pedestrians, motorized wheelchairs, etc.

Drivers need to be aware of all types of road users, not just cars and trucks.

A proactive driver needs to be continuously looking and scanning for other road users in a systematic way by looking ahead two to three traffic lights (25-30 seconds) in order to anticipate what may happen when you reach that area.

Drivers must be completely aware of the area surrounding their vehicle including the front, sides and behind the vehicle. Drivers should never be surprised when vehicles or other road users’ approach from the rear or side to overtake them. Drivers need to be especially aware of motorcycles and cyclists as they can be missed due to their smaller size.

Drivers should be constantly scanning around the vehicle. Never fixate on any object longer than two seconds and scan the mirrors every five to eight seconds.

Here are some tips for drivers to be more aware of other road users:

  • Before entering the intersection, scan (left, centre, right and left again) and check the rear view mirror for other road users.
  • Perform a shoulder check and scan blind spots before changing lanes or making a lateral move.
  • Check blind spots before turning left or right at intersections.
  • Look ahead as far as possible for other road users.
  • Take extra caution when turning if you have an obstructed line of sight for another road user who could be on the other side.
  • If necessary, tap your horn to communicate with the other road users of your presence.

When approaching other road users, slow down, manage your space and scan so all road users can share our roadways safely.