OPP Yearly Traffic Data

The following is a release from the OPP:

Every year, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) publishes previous-year traffic data associated with how drivers fared in keeping themselves and those around them safe on and off the road. The data provides a two-year comparison snapshot of traffic fatalities, collisions and their contributing factors, and the most compelling reminder that roads, waterways and trails are only as safe as the actions and behaviours of those who use them.

The data also dispels the notion that traffic fatalities are “accidents,” when in fact, the majority are the result of conscious, poor decisions around taking risks that cause or contribute to people losing their lives.

While traffic volumes were up in 2022 (over 2021), the increases in fatalities noted in the data should not be viewed or accepted as an inevitable outcome of more people out on roads. By any measure, a life lost in a preventable collision or other traffic incident is one too many. The most important takeaway from the data is the need for every driver and passenger to eliminate all manner of risk, as this remains the most critical factor in preventing the senseless loss of life.


Motor vehicle fatalities:

2022: 359

2021: 315

Total number of collisions:

2022: 74,173

2021: 60,659

Lead contributing factor(s) (# of people killed):  


2022: 85

2021: 81


2022: 61

2021: 60


2022: 64

2021: 32


2022: 61

2021: 47

Motorcycle fatalities:

2022: 44

2021: 35

Lead contributing factor(s) (# of people killed):

2022: Lost control (7)

2021: Speed – too fast for the conditions (6)

Fatalities involving commercial motor vehicles:

2022: 87

2021: 87

Lead contributing factor(s) (# of people killed):

2022: Lost control (16)

2021: Speed – too fast for conditions (10)

Pedestrian fatalities:

2022: 29

2021: 40


Boating fatalities:

2022: 29

2021: 27

Primary cause(s) (# of people killed):

2022: Capsized vessel (13), falling overboard (9)

2021: Capsized vessel (13), falling overboard (10)

Number of deceased vessel occupants not wearing a Personal Floatation Device:  

2022: 26

2021: 24


Off-road vehicle fatalities:

2022: 27

2021: 22

Lead contributing factor(s) (# of people killed):

2022: Lost control (7)

2021: Lost control (9)

Snowmobile fatalities:

2021-2022 season: 14

2020-2021 season: 15

Lead contributing factor(s) (# of people killed):

2021-2022 season: Speed – too fast for the conditions (6)

2020-2021 season: Speed – too fast for the conditions (7)

The OPP, as well as every member in our communities are counting on the motoring public to make 2023 a safe one that sees all travelers get to their destinations safely.

What you can do:

Recognize that adopting and maintaining safe, lawful actions and behaviours falls on everyone who uses our roadways, highways, waterways and trails.

Make a life-long commitment to being a responsible driver and traveller, whether by car, bike, foot, boat, off-road vehicle or other motor vehicle. By doing so, you contribute to the overall safety of everyone who travels within our communities.

Recognize that traffic safety is a shared responsibility. The OPP remains committed to reducing and preventing injuries and fatalities on roadways, highways, waterways and trails through high visibility patrol, enforcement and education throughout the year.

We can all do our part to stay safe and reduce the number of collisions and fatalities in Ontario.