Driving Instructor Licence Renewal

March is the time for many Ontario driving instructors (DI) to renew their DI licences. As the end of March approaches, have you completed yours?

Here is some information on DI licence renewals:

  • DI licences renew in March on a three year cycle. For example, if you last renewed your DI licence in 2020, your renewal would be March 2023.
  • Ontario Highway Traffic Act regulation 473/07, section 7:
    • (1) Every renewal of a driving instructor licence shall be for a term of three years and shall expire on March 31 of the year in which it expires.  O. Reg. 473/07, s. 7 (1).
    • (2) A driving instructor licence that is not renewed within one year after its expiry is not renewable and must be applied for again.  O. Reg. 473/07, s. 7 (2).
    • (3) Section 6 applies with necessary modifications to a driving instructor licence that is applied for again as required by subsection (2).  O. Reg. 473/07, s. 7 (3).
  • DI renewals are conducted at ServiceOntario not DriveTEST.
  • You will need to submit the criminal background check directly to ServiceOntario and they will forward it to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO). Do not mail your criminal check for renewals as this will delay the process and you will need to acquire another criminal background check.
  • DI renewal fee is for three years.
  • A DI renewal notice is sent before the end of the previous year via mail.
  • It is best to act at that time as you need time for the background check to be processed.
  • If the application for renewal is late go to ServiceOntario and request an extension on DI licence for 90 days.
  • Failure to extend or renew your DI licence can result in students not being able to be certified by MTO.