Enhanced In-car Lessons

When you become a Basic Driving Instructor, you need to grow your client base. Here are a few suggestions that will help you take your lessons to the next level and attract new prospects to your practice.

  • Make your vehicle welcoming to students by keeping it clean and scent conscious. Have an extra pair of sunglasses available for them to borrow.
  • Greet them cheerfully, treat them with respect, engage them in conversation and provide excellent customer service while they are in your care.
  • Establish the student’s stage of learning. Have they driven before? If not, start with the basics. They will need to understand the controls, how to adjust the seat, etc. in order to be comfortable behind the wheel.
  • Expand your knowledge on the various types of vehicles that are on our roads today. This means understanding about gas, electric and hybrid powered vehicles. Students will ask you about them so do your research.
  • As a driving instructor, it is good to have different teaching techniques to demonstrate a manoeuvre. For example, there are different ways to teach parallel parking and some students require that variety of approaches to understand the concept.
  • Keep them engaged by providing new challenges they can use in real life including activities like going through a drive-thru, fueling the vehicle, driving through a car wash, etc. It is good to give students something to look forward to at the next lesson.
  • If a student was struggling with a manoeuvre, end with something they are good at and finish on a positive note.

These should all contribute to an improved learning experience for your student.