Aggressive Driving Behaviour

Have you ever driven too fast or too slow for the road conditions? Have you ever changed lanes or turned without using your turn signal? Have you ever cut someone off? Have you ever driven while talking on a hands-free device?

These are all actions that are examples of typical aggressive driving behaviour demonstrated by the aggressive driver.

A survey conducted by Leger in 2021 found that 95% of Ontario drivers admit to aggressive driving and many to what has been labelled to ‘road rage’.

Here are some tips to avoiding aggressive driving behaviour:

  • Signal your turns well in advance.
  • Only use your brakes when you intend to stop or slow down. Random ‘tapping your brakes’ to upset the vehicles around you is not a valid reason to use your brakes.
  • Always ensure that you have ample time to arrive safely at your destination.
  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • Avoid unnecessary honking of the horn or flashing of headlights.
  • Do not tailgate other vehicles or block the passing lane.
  • In warmer weather, drive with the AC on so you are more comfortable.

Driving is a privilege, not a right.

Drivers charged with aggressive driving can have their licence suspended. The process to reinstate a driver’s licence can be quite costly. The fees include paying outstanding fines, reinstatement fee, court costs, etc. In some cases, you may need to start the graduated licensing process from the beginning.

Driving in a safe and co-operative manner is in the best interest for all road users.