Move Over Law

In 2015, Ontario passed a law that requires drivers to slow down and move over when approaching an emergency vehicle that is stopped at the side of the road with lights flashing. If you are approaching a stopped emergency vehicle and the road has two or more lanes, change lanes. If not possible, you are required to reduce your speed and carefully proceed in case you need to stop. These vehicles include police cars, firetrucks, ambulances, and tow trucks.

When you are approached by an emergency vehicle driving with its lights flashing, it is important to signal, move to the right side of the road (or if on a one-way street, you can pull over to the left side) and stop. Once the emergency vehicle passes, signal your intentions and merge back into traffic by making sure the way is clear.

Drivers can be charged if they do not follow the law and slow down or move over. The penalties for the first offence are fines ($400 – $2000), three demerit points if convicted or possible suspension of licence.