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Canadian Pro Drivers (CPD) and our principals have been providing college level Basic Driving Instructor and Classroom Driving Instructor training in partnership with Centennial College, Fanshawe College and Humber College since the MTO mandated Driver Instructor Certification in 1980.

CPD is an established and respected provider of Vehicle Risk Management services and delivers a comprehensive curriculum of driver training and education for licensed and experienced drivers.  CPD has been providing fleet driver education to the private and public sector since 1996, and engages the largest number of Master Instructors (MTO signing authority) in Ontario.

CPD experience with both teaching professional drivers to drive defensively and teaching adults how to instruct novice drivers to drive speaks to a unique understanding of the driving process and how to help adults become better drivers.

In addition to this long history of Corporate Driver training, CPD is also a recognized leader in the area of Driver Assessment. CPD first became involved in Driver Assessments in 1998 and in 2002, CPD became the Hands-On Assessment and driver training partner for DriveAble, a Canadian company that services the driving rehabilitation needs of many of Ontario’s hospitals. Since then CPD has completed tens of thousands of driver assessments, including a program with the Canadian Cancer Society where we assessed 3,000 volunteer drivers.

Our training is based on the knowledge that over 90% of all collisions are caused by mental errors, not the lack of physical skill. Using advanced and innovative teaching methodology, we match the student’s needs and learning styles with knowledge-specific trainers who can make training more relevant to each individual – a formula that has made CPD one of the most successful hands-on training companies in Canada.

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    Our History

    Established in 1967 and incorporated in 1995, CPD began as a consulting company to the commercial driving industry. With the help of President Manny Sousa and CFO Teddy Kellen, CPD began working with Ontario colleges, delivering the driving instructor training programs for Humber, Centennial and Fanshawe Colleges. The Ministry of Transportation called on CPD to train their Examiner Trainers, and CPD responded by developing the life-saving Prevention and Intervention Training Course. This course is now mandatory for all MTO examiners.