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    1. Driving Style

    How does your team drive?

    2. Fleet Characteristics

    3. Collision History

    What issues does your team currently have?

    4. Type of Training

    What needs will this program address (rehabilitation, a better understanding of vehicle dynamics, team building, skid control, driver personality, etc.)?

    Driving Instructor Career Paths

    The Road Map for your new career has plenty of opportunity ahead.

    Basic Driving Instructor

    This course provides MTO certification as an In-Vehicle Driving Instructor for novice drivers in Ontario.

    Students who successfully complete this MTO certified course will receive both a college certificate as well as CPD Driving instructor Certification, which is held in high regard by driving schools across Ontario.


    Classroom Driving Instructor

    This course provides MTO certification as a Classroom Driving Instructor and qualifies the participant to deliver the classroom portion of the driver training program.

    Applicants must already be certified as a Basic Driver Instructor. This course is provided on a continuous intake basis. Candidates can start anytime and work at their own pace. This distance-learning component reduces the number of times Candidates must travel to the College.

    DDC - DIC

    These courses are designed to provide Basic Driving Instructors with the added qualifications to enable their driving school to offer the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s approved courses for:

    Defensive Driving Course (DDC) – To improve the drivers’ ability to prevent collisions by anticipating hazardous situations and adjusting driver behavior to compensate. Drivers with an unacceptable number of collisions take this course.

    Driver Improvement Course (DIC) – To improve driver performance by making drivers aware of the many attitudinal factors that affect driving ability. Drivers with an unacceptable number of demerit points take this course.


    Supervisory Driving Instructor

    This course is designed for the experienced driving instructor who would like to advance their career  by becoming qualified to either train Basic Driving Instructor candidates on the in-vehicle portion of the BDIC program and/or deliver corporate driver training programs.